Maths & Physics Tutor

I am currently tutoring A-Level maths and physics students, helping them to better understand the content they've been taught in school, as well as preparing them for future lessons. I also help them to prepare for exams and provide them with revision techniques specific to their learning style. Additonaly, I provide advice and recommendations on choosing university courses and submitting UCAS applications. I have also previously provided similiar tutoring for GCSE students.

Imperial College Snowsports Club Media Secretary - (01/08/23 - Present)

As Media Secretary of Imperial College Snowsports Club, it is my job to create content for the club's social media platforms, create designs for merchandise,  and ensure that the brand image of the club is captivating and cohesive.

Dyson School Of Design Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Assisstant - (04/10/23 - 30/04/24)

As an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, I provided help and further explanations of course content to first year students on a weekly basis. Content covered all modules taught in first year, ranging from mathematics to design theory and skills.

Design Intern At Lyfeguard - (25/09/23 - 29/09/23)

On my internship placement at Lyfeguard I worked with the team on a variety of design areas, including product UI & UX, social media content, and web design. I also participated in discussions with the advisory board, contributing to a positioning workshop.

Design Intern At Holition - (25/07/23 - 14/09/23)

As part of a small team of interns on an eight-week program, I worked on researching and designing a luxury product finder experience that utilised generative AI to find the best product for duty free customers.

By conducting extensive primary and seconday research, we were able to create a variety of different experience prototypes that were used to gather insights on how customers viewed AI, what experiences customers find most engaging, and the commercial value that experiences such as this can provide to a company.

Digital Design Intern At Yaya Design - (17/07/23 - 21/07/23)

Working closely with the leadership and designers at Yaya for a week, I helped research and plan the agency's new website.

The role involved extensive research, customer experience mapping (including journey maps, empathy maps, and consideration of client thoughts), and prototyping using Figma. The week culminated in a presentation of my findings and work to the whole team.

Design Intern At Caena - (10/07/23 - 14/07/23)

On this one week virtual internship, I worked on the social media and branding strategy of a startup working on investor and startup matching, as well as education around fundraising.

I produced a series of social media posts aimed at educating potential customers on fundraising methods, with each post created using the company's brand identity while still providing a fresh feel to their social pages.

Open Day Accommodation Tour Guide For Imperial College London - (28/06/23 - 16/09/23)

For the three summer open days held by Imperial College London, I worked as a tour guide for the undergraduate accommodation halls. Responsiblities included giving guided tours to groups of prospective students and their parents, as well as answering any questions they had.

This role allowed me to demonstrate and improve my communication and customer service skills.

Low Sulphur Fuels Work Experience - (06/09/22 - 16/09/22)

At this two week on-site work experience placement, I assisted in the development of a process for the refinement of oils and other hydrocarbon based waste products at the Research and Development Unit.

Practical mechanical tasks included the disassembly, modification, maintenance, cleaning, and reassembly of a custom rotary furnace used in the process. I also witnessed and assisted in multiple test runs of a new rig, participating in the preparation and running of the tests, and the analysis of the product oils. Other important tasks included risk assessments, maintenance of the R&D site, and inventory surveys.

This placement helped to build my knowledge and skills in practical machine maintenance, safety, and the operation and development of a small company.

Waitrose Supermarket Assistant - (20/06/21 - 06/02/22)

As a supermarket assistant with Waitrose and Partners, my role was very varied, ranging from manual warehouse work, to stocking items, to helping customers on the shop floor and working on the tills.

This variety helped me to build a range of skills from physical work to interpersonal skills and service. The strong environment of using both teamwork and independent thinking to solve problems significantly improved my skills in these areas.

I always aimed to contribute as much as possible to the store and to the team. Reference available by request.

Bentley Motors VWEX - (03/08/21)

On this single day work experience placement, I learnt more about Bentley Motors and the automotive industry, including the collaboration processes between designers and engineers, manufacturing, and testing.

The day also included exercises in career development and CAD design, challenging the speed of my design thinking to create a 3D model of a car in under 20 minutes.

Fusion JV VWEX - (27/07/20 - 31/07/20)

From 27/7/20 to 31/7/20, I participated in a virtual work experience placement with Fusion JV. The week was focussed around a project, in which the team I was a part of had to prepare the groundwork for a one km stretch of the HS2 railway. 

It involved problem solving, teamwork and leadership skills, as well as strong listening skills and attention to detail to gain all of the required information from the various talks and workshops held throughout the week.

Johnson Matthey VWEX - (13/07/20 - 17/07/20)

In July 2020, I completed a week long virtual work experience with Johnson Matthey. The week consisted of attending lectures and talks on engineering, the future, and careers, with a focus on business skills and how to establish successful business relationships.

The main project was to present a solution to a technical challenge to the Johnson Matthey team - a proposal on how to better improve the sustainability and manufacturing costs of jet fuel. This activity in particular helped to improve my presentation, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

Spotify For Brands VWEX - (29/06/20 - 03/07/20)

On this week-long work experience, I worked as part of a team to present a solution to a marketing challenge. The challenge was to respond to a brief from Netflix, on how the company could advertise a new film.

This involved working in a group to create a presentation as well as engaging in live talks. It gave me a valuable insight into marketing and grew my interest in the industry 

Volunteering Experience