Complete system block diagram

Created as an introduction to the modular workflow for electronic music producers, this fully functioning modular synthesiser was my design coursework for electronics A-Level.

As such, it had to meet a very strict self-set brief in order to be suitable. The synthesiser had to be cheap to build, simple to use, and diverse in its range of functions.

Constructed on an electronics 'breadboard', it consisted of both digital and analogue subsystems, including a beat generator programmed in Assembly code, an indicator LED system, a digital analogue modulator, an audio mixer, a series of equalisation filters, a power amplifier, and a speaker.

As my second piece of significant electronics coursework, it presented many challenging problems, both intially and later in development. The modulator system took several different versions to get right, as did the code and power amplifier.

However, by the end of the project all of the intended functions worked well, although better connectivity and additional user control would be useful additions for any further development.

Complete system circuit diagram

First section of Assembly code

Drum pattern indicator LEDs

Mixed drum waveforms

Drum pattern used, later coded in Assembly

Complete testing setup

Complete circuit